My daughter. My motivation.

What has motivated me the most to really dig into researching the anti-vaccine community? To begin, I would have to say that, honestly, it began with YouTube. I already know what you may be thinking. But, before you judge me, let me explain. My fiancé and I were discussing our daughter and her eventual growth into her teenage years. Yes, she is only two years old, but we talk about our future as a family on a regular basis.  Eventually, our conversation trailed off into talking about her dating boys and her prom and so forth. My fiancé is sure that she will wait until marriage to do anything physical with any male, but I tend to have a more practical view of life, in general.  I was once a young hormonal girl, so I have a pretty good idea of what we are in for. But, back to my story. We talked about the different types of birth control and then we ended up talking about a shot that we heard of that teenage girls are receiving. The shot we learned eventually is called Gardasil.  Gardasil is said to vaccinate girls against HPV, which is also said to cause cervical cancer.   Immediately, I began to “Google” Gardasil to see what would populate. My mind was genuinely curious to know if parents were actually taking their teenagers to get yet another vaccine. Since my daughter was born, I have always been slightly overwhelmed when we went to well-baby check-ups and our baby girl would be bombarded with shot after shot. On one visit, she must have been injected with four or five shots! I soon became obsessed with researching Gardasil. Memories flooded my mind and I was reminded of that familiar feeling of helplessness as nurses injected my daughter time and time again with unknown substances.   Honestly, that is when my shame set in as a mother. Why do I not know what my daughter is being injected with? I know what she likes to eat, I know what kind of fabrics make her irritable, I know which foods give her gas, I know how many diapers she goes through in a day, and I know how many times to pat her back in order to get her to burp. So why do I not know what kinds of ingredients are in the immunizations that I am told that my daughter needs? I was determined to do better. However, when I came across a video that discussed teenagers suffering from vaccine related injuries, I was floored. And from there, I began to empathize with the movement that has parents up in arms. I am not the only mother that does not know what her daughter is being injected with, in fact, no one is certain, and the manufacturers and doctors who are certain, are not displaying the sort of efficacy that can put parents’ minds at ease.



I believe my curiosity and concern is relatable. I also believe that the Internet can almost assuredly convince anyone of anything they are inclined to believe as truth to begin with. So, if at the end of this investigation series, I end up on one side or the other of the argument, please know that I am reaching out to as many resources as possible, that I have the best of intentions, and that I am only a human making choices that are based off of facts that I have gathered, not ignorant assumptions or random guesses as to what I think is right.   This is my proof that I conducted the research in order to make informed decisions for my family and that I care about our health and safety with my whole heart.


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