My Final Thoughts

After reading lengthy, drawn-out, court battles, and the terrifying events that took place inside homes and daycares following vaccination; it is terrifying to know that it could possibly happen to my child and my family. It makes matters worse, having to convince the powers that be that your child was part of the percentage of children who happened to suffer after receiving a vaccine that the doctors, the CDC and the media forcefully push us to receive.


Two things, in my now more-educated opinion, are unnecessary: the fear tactics displayed by the media, and the amount of money being thrown around just to enforce a system that is broken.   I understand now more than ever, that “better safe then sorry” is a misguided fable. To be safe is to be safe. But if there is conflicting circumstances surrounding vaccine safety, and people are being compensated because of those proved injuries than being sorry is unacceptable. No vaccine should be rushed to the market, because our kids receive these shots. The future of our country receives these shots. It is also unacceptable for there to be any wiggle room, or for integrity to not be always present while manufacturing is taking place. Money should be of no consequence when our youth are healthy and thriving, and vaccinations, in my opinion can take a place in ensuring that happens.


Will I vaccinate, will I slow the schedule; will I refuse all vaccines until better measures are put in place to ensure unquestionable safety? I will tell you the truth. A couple weeks back, my daughter started having a runny nose and she developed a slight temperature. Her cheeks were rosy pink and she was irritable. I was very concerned, I could not help but to be afraid for her health because she is now behind on her shots because I have been conducting research to ensure we are making the right choice. The pediatricians at our doctor’s office are encouraging about alternative schedules so I decided it would work until we felt as knowledgeable as possible. My fiancé and I pumped her full of vitamins and orange juice and hydrating fluids; we kept her warm and monitored her temperature like professionals. We took turns cleaning out her stuffy nose and wiping her watery eyes.  We kept her at home most of the day, we skipped her swim lessons and play dates. We took the same measures as any other vaccinating parent would. It was an effort but she quickly recovered and resumed back to her normal self. I cannot lie and say I was not a little scared. I felt a bit panicked at first, and all the mainstream articles plagued my mind, but I said to myself, that I would rather take care of my sick child than take care of my injured child. Not to say that she will not receive any vaccines, because after much research, my fiancé and I believe that some vaccines have existed long enough without the harsh side effects than others, but we definitely are going to be cautious and selective because it is our choice. Not anyone else’s. I served in the military, to secure and defend the freedom and choices that we are able to enjoy and utilize as we see fit, and that is what we plan to do.


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