About Ms. Camille Howard

Hello! I’m Ms. Camille Howard; enthusiastic new first time mother, proud Air Force Vet, multi-racial and proud woman of the world.   I am currently making a career change in the D.C. metro area and seeking a B.A. in Communications at American University. I’m most passionate about the success and safety of my family and friends, conquering my dreams, and helping others reach their own personal goals.


You should never judge a book by its cover, right? So, you probably cannot tell that I am a thrill seeker. I love skydiving, driving for hours without a destination on a Sunday afternoon, giving my opinion even when it’s not the popular one, and I am unapologetically passionate about remaining true to who I am. You also cannot tell by my picture that I have lived in some of the most terrifying places in the world such as Iraq and dealt with extreme racism and sexism even while serving in the military. I even had a life threatening experience while giving birth to my first child.  I carry a wealth of knowledge that I’ve gained through taking risks without regret.  I haven’t lived an easy life, but it’s one worth sharing.

It has been my own personal experience that the gifts we receive in life come with great sacrifice.  Sometimes the only options you’ll have is to fold or “woman-up”, slap on your best shade of lipstick, squeeze into your favorite pair of pumps, and face your challenges with confidence and zest! Many acquaintances of mine come to me with issues they are going through or expressing their appreciation for my honesty. As a result I am starting this blog with those things in mind. Let us not sensor our feelings here, or be afraid to ask the tough questions.  Let us be “real” with one another, but most of all, let’s do this together!


Ms. Camille Howard


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