Why Jenny McCarthy should NOT be the face of the Anti-Vaccine movement

First I want to make it known that I do not hate or dislike Jenny McCarthy. Actually, I find her beautiful and I relate to her confusion as a mother having to make pertinent choices on behalf of her children daily. However, I believe that Jenny should not be the face of the movement against vaccine related injury and illness. It implies that the goal of the community of individuals fighting for vaccine safety is to gain attention or glamorization. That is not the case. It pains me to see people use her as a weapon to mock and disparage the anti-vaccine community. Since spending hours upon hours and days that turned into months of research, I have discovered that parents bucking the vaccine system do not want attention whatsoever. Most importantly, they want all of the attention paid to young children and their access to dependable healthcare and safer vaccines. They do no want massive outbreaks of contagious diseases; they want to be immune to that sort of occurrence just like the majority of parents around the globe. I will discuss other myths and common misconceptions later in my blog, but I want to make that my main point in this post. The fight of the anti-vaccine parent is not for everyone to walk around without condoms or immune systems that aren’t equipped to fight off even the most common colds, in fact, it is the opposite. They want to be able to believe in the health system again, and they want vaccine manufacturers to show more efficacies and devote substantial time into the development of vaccines so that they can ensure their children are taking advantage of modern medicine. The Hollywood version need not apply here, nor is it sought by the anti-vaccine community.



But, I understand using the celebrity face for promoting sales for sneakers, perfumes, clothing, and even cars. But, when it comes to our children’s safety, health, and the like, it is my opinion that it is best to use doctors or other parents as the most profound model figures.  And there are many of those aforementioned leaders in the community, but, unfortunately, those who make a living making a mockery of the anti-vaccine community, have plucked Jenny McCarthy’s every appearance from the media and positioned her as the face. This was a massive setback for the parents who believe whole-heartedly that vaccines are not the safest they could be, or for those who have actually sustained preventable vaccine related injuries. Their stories are muffled by the blonde hair and blue eyes of Ms. McCarthy and it is my belief that the community against the vaccine industry as it stands today is just as upset as the apparent illegitimacy as the pro-vaccine majority.