The Dynamics of The Choice

From what I have gathered, the community of people behind vaccine safety have the same goal: protecting the health and safety of their children.  There are many different ways that people have chosen to take action against what feels unsafe. Some are completely against the vaccine industry as a whole. The anti-vaccine community generally has a strong disdain for misinformation and the side effects the vaccines have had on people, they are not vaccinating their children nor themselves, and they have a supportive backing by peers who are doing the same and believing in the same.


Another group of people are adjusting the vaccine schedules their children are receiving. With children scheduled to receive so many shots in such a small window of time, often without question, or even a brief education on the necessity of the vaccine, many believe spacing out the shots is safer and gives children an easier chance at recovering without severe reactions.


Next, is a group who are selective about which shots they will allow their children to receive. Under the belief that not all vaccines are entirely necessary and are excessive, some people are opting out of some, but not all.


Another group is pushing for “greener” vaccines, and, in the interim, opting out of all of them, studying literature and medical journals, under the advisement and watchful eye of homeopathic doctors. These individuals are often focused on raising awareness, under the belief that thorough testing of vaccines prior to hitting the market is not the norm, but that it SHOULD be.  Aluminum has long been an ingredient and is one of the substances said to be causing some adverse effects after injections.  This is just one example of an ingredient that many anti-vaccine individuals are demanding that further, more in-depth testing needs to be done before they will ever consider vaccinating again.


There are those who are advised by medical doctors that they cannot receive some or all vaccinations due to weakened immune systems or other health issues.


Finally, in front of the line, are people who believe in the necessity to receive all vaccines as long as the CDC and their doctors say they are safe and offer them.


Some people are doing a combination of the things mentioned above, and are doing so for reasons I also have not yet mentioned. However, I feel it is important to know the different perspectives and choices people are making. The media and critics of anything not going with the status quo on this topic have a tendency to lump everyone together in one anti-vaccination “cult” and that is not what is happening.



I believe myth busting should be addressed in my next post.  It is very interesting how many people I have come across, while researching, who are under so many misguided misconceptions and prone to stereotype parents who are pushing for vaccine safety and education.

photo courtesy of google images

photo courtesy of google images