Out of the Frying pan and Into the Fire

If you are a hardworking parent like me, with sometimes an uncanny intuition and enough education to back it up, then this blog will probably be enjoyable to you in some way. While I earn a living and have a very demanding career, in addition to devoting time to my higher education, sometimes, when I get a free moment to actually turn on my television for a reprieve from the day, I have a tendency to sneer at the celebrity figures of this era. I am constantly in awe of the outlandish actions they display for the public and their general unappreciative attitude towards their rare opportunity and wealth.


Okay, I know I sound a little judgmental, but I think most normal civilians think celebrities appear to be strange creatures with access and privilege to things most will probably never experience. On the other hand, along with making an obscene amount of money, they also have a way of sparking interesting conversations around interesting and controversial topics. One celebrity, by the name of Jenny McCarthy, has fueled a particular subject, and that is vaccine safety.  To be honest, I have always been curious about vaccines, their contents, the efficacy of the manufacturers, and their legitimacy, but I never did much research on this subject.  But since becoming a mother, I find it to be one of the biggest concerns of my life.


I decided my blog would be a place where I will share some of my own findings and a place where I can post my opinions based off of those findings and create some continuity for my work. I am a person who never believed in the old adage “if it doesn’t kill you, it only makes you stronger.” I have always felt that saying to be a load of misguided nonsense. Too many people spend their lives miserable, in broken relationships, in unhealthy cycles, in ignorance and regret. There is available information and enough resources available to conduct your own research. Any decision worth making is worth putting thought into. Vaccinating our children is one of those decisions.


During my research, I have learned that many parents are under the impression that vaccines are a requirement. I felt surprised to learn that could not be further from the truth. And if it is a choice to be made by all, then I would like to be a reliable resource to aid in the decision making process. That is what I will be sharing in the next few posts:  information I have uncovered that I was not privy to before, things that alarm me, videos that have moved me, and testimony that encourages me to think confidently for myself. I urge others to do the same for themselves and their families.


Some of my sources I post about will be news articles, research studies, court documents, CDC information, other parenting blog blurbs, policies, magazines, Facebook, and even twitter posts around the subject of vaccine safety. I hope others feel comfortable to share their own thoughts, while respecting the process of research being conducted on my own accord.


In the spirit of diving right in, I would like to post a video that has been something I look back on rather frequently, because it reminds me of my purpose for beginning this journey. I first watched this video when I began my research. It shows real doctors, real parents, and real children suffering post Gardasil vaccinations.  Before you watch the video, I urge you to read a little further into the Gardasil controversy.


Video Courtesy of YouTube: http://youtu.be/GsjYREV0YLA